These Employees may be contacted for Info or Order Assistance :

Irma Robin – CEO
Homer Robin  –  CFO
Jim “Jimbeaux” Guilbeaux  –  Sales Manager  ~  Vice President
Theresa Robin – Buyer (Dry Goods, Frozen, Etc..)
Kendal Henry – Casino sales (Seafood and Protein buyer)
Clarence Stewart  –  Produce Buyer  ~  Warehouse Superintendent
Melba Mathieu – Accounting Department
Sean Garrido, Tom Yongue, Brian Frederick  –   Sales Account Reps

Telephone Numbers:

Local  337-433-8804  ~  Statewide Toll Free 800-256-1847
FAX :  337-433-1665

Snail Mail Address :

P.O. Box 305 (70602-0305)
1210 3rd  Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Office Hours:


WHS Hours: MON-FRI 7:AM-1:PM

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